Bobbie Wallace

Bobbie Wallace

Main Skills
Add. Skills
2nd Camera Operator/Editor


  • 1998The best young director
  • 2000The talent director
  • 2003The most famous director


  • 1998The mask of Zorro
  • 2001Evolution
  • 2001Falling In Love

Director Story

Barbara “Bobbie” Wallace has been working in TV/Radio/Video since the 1980’s when she was as a Production Assistant at NBC affiliate, KFOR-TV. Since then she’s worked as a news reporter, anchor, and producer for TV stations and clients from South Texas to the Today Show in New York City. She has been married to Larry Wallace for 23 years and they have two teenagers, also a mixed-breed dog-child named Dexter, and two strange yet lovable cats. For fun she enjoys reading and substitute teaching in Edmond Public Schools.

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